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Here we have it, the inaugural Advance Vehicle Centre blog. The subject? One of our core services: engine remapping. We’ve recently had an influx of queries regarding engine remapping, largely from prospective customers in our hometown of Redhill. So before we get into anything too off topic with these blog posts, we thought we’d answer a trio of the most essential queries.

We hope it’ll help you decide whether engine remapping might be a savvy investment. But if you have a different question, or wish to book in an appointment for engine remapping, DPF cleaning, MOT testing or any of the other services offered by our Redhill based garage, don’t hesitate to call us on 01737 763 838.


Your Engine Remapping Questions Answered


Can engine remapping damage my vehicle?


If carried out by an unscrupulous or poorly trained mechanic, it can be. But Advanced Vehicle Centre in Redhill is an engine remapping specialist with heaps of experience; we know to optimise an engine within safe limits (defined by the engine itself), and never to exceed said limits. We’re aware of how to unlock the hidden potential of an engine, improving power and performance, which can result in the need for fewer gear changes and less wear tear. So engine remapping can in fact extend a vehicle’s life span, rather than shorten it, making it great value for money.


Why do manufacturers not optimise in the first place?


Manufacturers are obliged to ensure that the vehicles they design and build abide by the regulations present in different international market places; think emissions and taxation rules. They also need to be able to perform everywhere from the temperate climate of Redhill, to areas where extreme cold, extreme heat and fluctuating humidity are factors. This means certain compromises, and thus an engine is limited via its ECU, to ensure it can function anywhere, safely and legally.


What exactly is involved in engine remapping?


We utilise equipment that engages with your vehicle’s engine control unit, or ECU. This allows us to change parameters that govern the running of your engine. Considering your vehicle, the environment you most commonly drive in (e.g stop-start city traffic, or free cruising of Redhill’s suburban roads), and your driving style, we tailor your engine’s performance to you. This might mean a greater amount of, or more easily accessible engine power, softer and smoother torque, more responsive steering and improved MPG, for example.

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