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Our master technician is accredited as an IMI MasterTechnician and is therefore highly skilled and experienced in vehicle diagnostics. At Advanced Vehicle Centre we have invested into a diverse range of main dealer diagnostic equipment and main dealer manufacturing software which allows us to undertake a comprehensive level of diagnostic issues.


Being experts in the field using only state of the art diagnostic tools and software ensures that we can accurately diagnose each case with detailed precision. Therefore avoiding the unnecessary expense of replacing parts as in a trial and error method to attempt to solve to the problem.


In this way your vehicle fault is identified and resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible using a logical and methodical process. Fixing the fault first time and thereby keeping your bill to a minimum.


Programming & Coding


At Advanced Vehicle Centre we can undertake all programming and coding, including all of the following:


  • Vehicle control modules
  • Air Bag control modules
  • Body control modules
  • Engine control modules
  • Manufacture software updates


Car Key Programming


To do this we have all the necessary main dealer diagnostic equipment.


When replacing a vehicle control module, it would usually be necessary to take the vehicle to the main dealer to complete the reprogramming exercise through the manufacturer’s database servers. Here at AVC we have the main dealer tools to perform this operation thereby avoiding expensive bills from a main dealer.


Electrical Repairs


Do you have an electrical fault with your vehicle? Warning light on the dash? We are able to accurately diagnose and undertake this repair. Many of the common electrical faults, warning lights and fault codes that regularly arise can be difficult for some garages to diagnose with any certainty. At Advanced Vehicle Centre we welcome and specialise in these faults. We also undertake these more complex faults for many of our competitors and trade customers in the Reigate and Redhill area.


Air Conditioning System Recharging & Repairs


At Advanced Vehicle Centre we have the facilities to maintain and repair all air conditioning systems. We specialise in both the R134a and the R1234yf variant systems.

We are able to diagnose electrical faults and detect system leaks. We also offer a comprehensive aircon recharge service, refilling the air con gas and completing an operational check on the entire system.


Need an automotive issue investigated by a highly experienced mechanic and technician? Visit Advanced Vehicle Centre in Redhill. Book diagnostics on 01737 763 838.

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