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It’s rare that a client might be excited to come to Advanced Vehicle Centre – after all, MOT testing and car servicing aren’t exactly the most exhilarating events of the month, and if you’re in for diagnostics and car repairs it means something’s gone wrong! But one thing we can do, as the Reigate area’s favoured choice for all of the aforementioned services – and the slightly more exciting engine remapping, which can deliver a more responsive and powerful drive – is ensure that your garage experience is stress-free, affordable and leaves you with a smile on your face!


Below, we’ve provided synopsises for all the services we provide. If you’re more interested in booking an appointment, use our online booking page or call our friendly team of mechanics on 01737 763 838. We’re based just a short drive from Reigate, in nearby Redhill, Surrey.


MOT Testing


If your vehicle is over three years old, you are legally obliged to ensure it undergoes MOT testing to prove its road worthiness. We can provide significant cost savings compared with main dealerships in and around Reigate, and will ensure that the time you’re booked in at is 100% convenient. MOT testing takes 45 minutes to one hour and we have on-site facilities where you can relax with a cup of tea or coffee while the test is underway.


Car Servicing


An essential maintenance procedure, car servicing involves a change of oil and filter, as well as extensive checks and inspections on a wide range of vehicle components, including brakes, steering and suspension. Car servicing is a great boon for Reigate motorists, improving fuel efficiency, road safety and vehicle performance, all the while extending vehicle life.


Car Repairs & Diagnostics


Have you noticed your vehicle performing oddly? Don’t put off bringing it into Advanced Vehicle Centre, based near Reigate in Redhill. Our team will use the latest diagnostics equipment to get to the bottom of the problem, before recommending the most suitable car repairs (should they be required). Keep in mind minor issues can quickly worsen, so getting diagnostics and car repairs sorted out early will keep you safe on the road, and potentially save greater expenditure down the line.


Engine Remapping


Want to squeeze extra mileage, torque and handling out of your vehicle? We can carry out engine remapping, modifying your engine’s ECU to be better suited to your particular driving style. The reason this works is because most vehicles have generic maps which limit performance to ensure they meet legal requirements in all areas of the world they are launched; these limitations can be safely and legally removed to improve your driving experience.

To learn more about the car repairs, car servicing and MOT testing we provide Reigate and its surrounds, pick up the phone and call 01737 763 838.

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