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Advanced Vehicle Centre also has the equipment and expertise necessary to provide a DPF cleaning service to our customers in and around Redhill and Reigate. To understand how this works and why it’s so useful, we first have to clarify what a DPF is for those who might not know…


DPF stands for diesel particulate filter. As the name implies, it is a filter that captures and safely stores exhaust soot to minimise emissions made by diesel vehicles. They have limited storage capacity, and so from time to time need cleaning to restore efficiency. This is supposed to happen automatically via one of two processes: passive regeneration or active regeneration.


However, sometimes DPFs suffer issues that prevent these processes from working effectively; these situations call for manual cleaning by a professional, through a process called forced regeneration (which is known for being highly reliable). Whatever the issue is that has caused the filter to become blocked and regeneration to fail will obviously need to be rectified before the cleaning commences – otherwise the filter will quickly block again, making it a waste of time and money. That’s why it pays to visit time served mechanics like our own in Redhill.


Why It’s Important to Invest in DPF Cleaning


Due to environmental regulations, you will fail your MOT and your vehicle will not be legal to drive if your DPF isn’t properly cared for; your emissions will simply be too high and well above the limit. So it pays to look after it… This is also the reason simply getting rid of your DPF is not a solution: it’s illegal. Another reason to look after your DPF is that neglecting its maintenance can cost you a bundle, as DPF replacement can run into the thousands of pounds region!


How to Identify a Blocked DPF


How do you know your DPF is blocked? There is usually a dedicated warning light that will illuminate, so be sure to check your manufacturer’s handbook to see the corresponding symbol; you can also tell if your vehicle is emitting dense, black fumes or, as previously mentioned, you run into difficulties with your MOT due to excess emissions.

If you have a question on the DPF cleaning process, or wish to book in an appointment at our Redhill garage, just a short drive from Reigate, call Advanced Vehicle Centre on 01737 763 838.

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