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Not all diesel vehicle owners are that clued up about what a DPF is; so when first learning about our DPF cleaning services, they’re often sceptical and in need of information. In our second blog post we’ve looked to address this exact audience. We hope it’ll show why so many Redhill motorists visit Advanced Vehicle Centre for DPF cleaning, and urge you to follow suit (especially if yours is clogged up and impacting vehicle performance).


4 Reasons to Invest in DPF Cleaning


1. Fuel Economy – Any Redhill motorist looking to save money at the pumps should consider the benefit of regular DPF cleaning. This is because DPF-equipped vehicles can experience greater pressure placed on their engines, reducing efficiency and power. When clean, this isn’t really noticeable; but as DPFs clog up, you may start to experience a change in performance. With regular DPF cleaning, you’ll keep your engine functioning optimally, and save significant fees on fuel.


2. City Roads – While Redhill is a lovely suburban town, many of its inhabitants travel further afield to get to work, visit in laws, and run other general errands. If you’re frequently driving in city traffic, you’re always stopping and starting; on top of being an irritation, it means you DPF has to work harder to rid your vehicle of particulates and to process emissions. What’s more, the natural regeneration process only kicks in after travelling consistently at a decent speed. So if you’re often finding yourself on city roads, this may never happen, and DPF cleaning can prove an extremely wise investment.


3. Acting Early – Proactive measures such as car servicing and DPF cleaning help you identify and deal with emerging issues, and are much cheaper than reactive measures such as car repairs. Clogging can seem fairly benign until it isn’t, and you experience an abrupt change in performance. In extreme cases, a DPF may be unsalvageable and you’ll need to shell our between £1,000 and £3,000 for a replacement! Not many Redhill motorists have this amount of disposable income sitting waiting to be used on something so avoidable, so considering how affordable our DPF cleaning service is; it’s a no brainer.


4. Maintain Value – Most Redhill motorists decide that once they fancy a change of vehicle – or require one due to a change of circumstances – they’ll sell up their existing one for some money toward the new purchase. How much you receive depends on the condition of your vehicle. One way of proving to potential buyers that your vehicle is in fantastic condition, is presenting its car servicing and DPF cleaning history. You’re then on much stronger ground to get the asking price you’re after, than if your vehicle’s been long neglected and is a bit of a hazard!

So what are you waiting for? Book in DPF cleaning at Advanced Vehicle Centre in Redhill on 01737 763 838!

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