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Welcome back to another instalment of the Advanced Vehicle Centre blog. Today we’re looking at performance tuning – a service we specialise in and provide motorists in and around the Redhill area. We’ve looked to run over a few things we think clients should be aware of and give thought to before pulling the trigger on a re-map of their ECU.


But if you’ve already decided to go ahead with performance tuning, cut right to the chase and call our Redhill garage on 01737 763 838. We’ll book you in for an appointment at a time that suits your busy schedule.


5 Things to be Aware of Before Investing in Performance Tuning


1. ECU Maps – It obviously pays to get a rough idea of what exactly you’re investing in when you visit our Redhill garage for performance tuning. Simply put, every modern vehicle is fitted with an ECU – or engine control unit. These feature “maps” which contain your engine’s settings, governing performance. Factory default ECU mapping is rarely optimal, as it has to limit performance to ensure the vehicle is road legal in a number of local markets, functions in a range of environments etc. Editing an ECU’s map can result in a more tailored, responsive driving experience.


2. When It’s “Time” – There’s no “perfect” time for performance tuning; you simply have to think whether or not you’re willing to invest a small sum of money and a short span of time in improving power, torque, performance, fuel efficiency etc. Not every Redhill motorist is bothered, as perhaps they don’t use their vehicle very much or are satisfied with their current situation. While we wouldn’t rush any curious party in for performance tuning, we would say if you’re looking to get the most out of your vehicle, don’t put off booking in!


3. Everyday Driving – Some people hear the words performance tuning and think: well that’s neither practical nor suited for everyday driving! But the opposite is the case; the improved performance can mean less gear shifting, resulting in less wear and tear, and a more efficient engine can mean less money spent at the pumps. And that’s about as everyday as it gets!


4. Where to Go – There are many companies in and around the Redhill area offering performance tuning, so how do you know which one to go to? Or what about performing it on a DIY basis? The latter option is difficult due to both the expertise proper tuning requires, and the specialist equipment you’ll need (which can be very expensive and cost-inefficient to buy yourself). The former option is always best, and choosing a performance tuning specialist like Advance Vehicle Centre, over a generic garage that offers it as a service “on the side”, will mean both best results and most competitive pricing.


5. Restoration – In the extremely rare case your performance tuning leads to a driving experience you don’t like, can you restore your vehicle to its factory settings? Yes, and it’s easy and straightforward. Just visit our Redhill garage and we’ll handle it for you.

With all that in mind, consider improving your vehicle’s handling and power via performance tuning at our Redhill garage. Call us on 01737 763 838.

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